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As you would expect, our gourmet treats are made from the finest ingredients, a dash of tender loving care, and topped off with unique knowledge and special skills. Each banana is ripened to perfection then flash frozen to seal in its natural flavors and goodness. Once frozen, they are hand-dipped into gourmet chocolate and, if you prefer, generously topped with finely granulated dry-roasted peanuts, rainbow sprinkles, or toasted and sweetened coconut. Our bananas are then individually wrapped to preserve their mouth-watering flavors. The resulting product is Delightfully Ahh-peeling (TM).

We welcome your feedback regarding new and innovative frozen banana treats. Please share your suggestions via our contact page. Every suggestion will be considered. However, suggestions such as mustard-maple-shrimp banana treats sprinkled with dill seeds may never see the light of day - unless, of course, you offer to buy them in huge quantities.

Our products:

Chocolate Covered Banana Chocolate Covered Banana with Nuts
Dark Chocolate
Granulated Peanuts
Chocolate Covered Banana Chocolate Covered Banana with Nuts
Rainbow Sprinkles
Coconut Lime

The above single serve products are sold by Totally Bananas in 24-pack boxes, as seen below:

24-pack box