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Premium Banana Novelties

Our chocolate banana novelties are a mouth-watering ice cream alternative and a good food source. Because of this, they are now widely available as a dessert treat.

All of our novelties are dipped in a specially formulated semi-sweet dark chocolate that delivers a burst of flavor as it melts in your mouth. When combined with the natural goodness of premium bananas, the result is a savory dessert second to none. After one bite, you'll agree that our dairy-free banana novelties are Delightfully Ahh-peeling (TM).

Our single-serve banana novelties are an ideal grab-and-go snack. These full-size banana novelties are blast frozen, dipped in our mouth-watering gourmet chocolate, and available with generous toppings of granulated peanuts, rainbow sprinkles, or snow white coconut that is lightly misted with a refreshing natural lime flavoring. Our products are dairy-free, gluten free, contain zero grams of trans fats, and are a source of natural antioxidants and nutrients. Individually wrapped in high-gloss packaging, these grab-and-go novelties are proudly sold at a wide range of venues, including: convenience stores, parks and attractions, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, green markets, universities, hospitals, canteens, concessions, movie theaters, arenas, ice cream/yogurt/smoothie/gelato shops, supermarkets, fitness clubs, health food stores, and more.

Our full-size products are extremely popular and thousands of customers have urged us to make a product they can purchase at their local grocer and enjoy at home. Our Chocolate Banana Dream Pops (TM) were created to meet this demand. At only 60 calories each, these pops are perfectly sized for at-home enjoyment between meals or after dinner. These indulgent pops deliver the sweetness of perfectly ripened banana, the richness of gourmet chocolate, and the silky sensation of gelato. Banana Dream Pops are made using non-GMO ingredients. These pops are also dairy-free, gluten free, a natural source of antioxidants and nutrients, and contain zero grams of trans fats and no artificial flavors. Chocolate Banana Dream Pops are available in 10-pack retail boxes for purchase at your local grocery store. Ask your local grocer to stock these indulgent pops if they are not already available!

Download our Dream Pop brochure for additional details.

All of our delicious treats are both indulgent and better-for-you at the same time. See our nutrition information for more details.

So, if you've been searching for the world's best chocolate frozen banana novelty, you've come to the right place.

Quality First

Totally Bananas is the leading provider of high-quality chocolate frozen banana novelties. If you're a merchant whose customers are looking for a delicious, yet nutritious, snack/dessert alternative, then please contact us. Likewise, if you are distributor or food broker who would like to introduce exciting new products into your market, then please contact us.

Totally Bananas provides quality products that you can rely upon.

The Food Network Goes Bananas!

Food Factory Logo

Totally Bananas was featured on The Food Network's hit series, "Food Factory". For a fun tour of our facility, check out the video.

A Totally Arresting Development

Bluth Booth in NYC

New Yorkers wait anxiously in a line two blocks long as actors from the TV series 'Arrested Development' and director Ron Howard hand out chocolate bananas from the Bluth banana booth, which is a cornerstone of the show. Netflix hosted the event in Times Square to promote the revival of the popular TV series. Totally Bananas products were proudly served to fans of the show from this iconic booth. Fans were dancing in the streets with delight. Check out some awesome videos of the event.

Ron Howard working the booth

Director Ron Howard and actor Terry Crews enjoy a banana treat while working the booth.

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